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Home Owners Insurance


How Home Owner's Insurance Can Benefit You

One never knows when accidents or theft will occur.  This is precisely the reason why you should search for an adequate insurance policy immediately after purchasing a new home - One that offers a competitive plan, including reasonable personal property coverage and replacement cost coverage.  At a minimum, your insurance policy should include the following:

  • High levels of protection for your personal property, to include certain conditions covering valuable goods such as computers, electronics, jewelry, and collectibles.
  • Further protection with stipulations pertaining to the damage and loss of property due to natural disasters.  This is usually not covered in your regular policy and needs to be addressed separately. 
TIP:  Much  too often homeowners leave their trust in the hands of lenders, whose insurance requirements are usually at a bare minimum.  These policies are often not sufficient enough to meet the needs of a homeowner incurring damage or theft.  It is entirely up to your own discretion when picking an insurance policy that will at least meet the bare minimum of your needs if misfortune happens to befall you.

What's Protected?

Home loan lenders demand that borrowers have a home insurance policy.  Besides the basics, a home insurance policy can cover the following as well:

  • Lightning, fire, and smoke damage.
  • Vehicular harm.
  • Broken windows.
  • Theft
  • Looting and vandalism
  • Wind, hail and storm damage
  • Damage caused by mobs or riots. 



Home Equity Loan Rates, Home Equity Credit Line, Home Equity Loans

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