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Mortgage Refinance 101


When is the right time to refinance? Well, home equity loan refinancing actually depends on what your preferences are. 

There is no exact time more "right" than any other time.  Yet, with home equity loan rates at such historically low levels, now is a great time to refinance.  Most people believe that refinancing a mortgage is a burden and time consuming task.  What they do not know is there are quick and simple ways to refinance - And at Home Equity Loans.org, it is our commitment to tell you how. Rather than running around town from lender to lender, you only have to fill out one simple form.  Lending Tree has an online service that will search the entire market for you.  Shortly after their search is complete, you will be receiving competitive offers of variously quoted home equity loans online. 

In order to get you started in the right direction, we have summarized some very important issues to keep in mind while working your way through the Lending Tree Network.  With a better understanding about home equity loan refinancing, you will know what questions to ask - ultimately getting you the best refinancing package possible. 

In what ways can refinancing benefit me?
There are numerous causes that justify mortgage refinancing.  After determining your own situation, compare it with the options listed below and determine if any apply to you:  If so, now is the time to refinance.

  • Lower your home equity loan rate.  Obviously, if home equity loan rates are considerably lower than the rate at which you originally signed your mortgage, this is a good opportunity to save money.  But do not do it for this reason alone - There are other things to consider.
  • Decrease the lifetime of your mortgage.  Although switching from a 20 year mortgage to a 10 year mortgage will raise your monthly installment, in the long run it will save you thousands of dollars in lower interest rates.  Your main concern should be if you can really handle the higher monthly payments while keeping your other bills in order. 
  • Consolidate your past debt.  Refinancing is one of the smartest ways to pay off your past debts.  By merging your prior high-interest credit bills with a refinanced mortgage, it is probable you will be rendered a smaller home equity loan rate, tax-deductible APR's, and a boosted credit rating for your credit history.
  • Fix up and remodel your home.  If you decide to take out a credit line as a result of refinancing, you can put that money towards some needed home improvement.  Or, if you just need some change in your life, put the money towards a new and innovative addition to your home. 
  • Switch from an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM).  At a time when interest rates are historically low, it may be a smart move to acquire a fixed home equity loan rate - That way, if they happen to rise again, you will not have to pay the increased interest.  By doing this, you can also benefit from lower monthly installments, especially if you are not planning to move and will be residing in your home for an indefinite length of time.
  • Be exempt from paying private mortgage insurance. If your household has at least 20% equity built into it, you have the option of doing some home equity loan refinancing without paying private mortgage insurance - a tremendous saving in monthly costs.

Through the Lending Tree Network, your refinancing options are practically boundless.  And your  benefits are increased too!

Equipped with the power to force competition among leading banks/lenders, LendingTree will come through with the most attractive home equity loan refinancing packages online.  And it only takes a few minutes to fill out our self explanatory form.  In hardly no time at all you will have a refinanced mortgage - Moving you one step closer to having more cash reserves in your account and no debts in your name!

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